Scenum – сервис автофарма аккаунтов Facebook,Instagram,Google,Twitter,Вконтакте

Scenum autofarming for Facebook

Automate account warming up. Upload ready-made accounts for Fb.Tool and Dolphin. Complete replacement of the farmer to the script!

    All promotion in one window

    The most convenient interface, will allow you to warm up hundreds of Facebook accounts at the same time.

    Set up a work script in a few clicks and save on farming

    No credit card needed

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    We give 5 days of free access

    Facebook for everyone!

    We have made a unique product that is suitable for everyone who farm on Facebook

    • For private business

      What you did with your hands - automate in 10 minutes

    • For arbitrageurs

      The easiest farming of accounts in your browser

    • For marketing agencies

      Run all client accounts from one interface

    • Bot owners

      Create account grids and drive on autopilot

    Unique technology of safe work

    All work with accounts is done in a real browser, this allows you to work anywhere. Multi-browsers, browsers, antidetects - wherever there is a browser. But you will manage all your accounts from one interface!

    Convenient menu Flexible settings Clear hints Activity navigation


    At at the moment

    Managing and promoting Facebook accounts, pages and groups has never been so easy and convenient

    Facebook Success Strategy

    You don't even need to know your account password, you can work with cookies. In the office, you will see all summary results.

    Typically, you or your employees would spend all day doing this. Now you will only spend a few minutes running the script!


    First results

    We launched and got great results

    Business owners buy access to our service. The arbitrageurs appreciated it. It inspires us to add improvements every day!









    Top features of Scenum

    Safe work with accounts. To promote a client account, you do not need his data. All work will take place in the client’s browser. The client has nothing to worry about.

    — Safe work,

    Create scenarios of account behavior for every day. Launch them with one button and go about your business. The service will do everything for you.

    — Easy setup,

    Warm-up your account for weeks or months. Making a random script is not a problem. Will work like a clock.

    — Auto Warm-up,

    Joining the right groups has never been easier. 5 minutes to set up and the service joins the group and answers questions when joining.

    — Auto-join,

    Adding friends for the desired city or country fully automatically. You just set geo, and the service will pick your best friends by itself.

    — Auto-invite by geo,

    Want to support the post. No problem. A couple of settings and different comments from your accounts are written under the post.

    — Auto-commenting,

    Can’t answer in time? The service will answer for you with a suitable phrase. The client won’t go far.

    — Auto-answering,


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