How do I quickly upload a Facebook account to my AdsPower profile?

Weird question! Of course you go to the homepage of and enter your username and password and log in. 

What if you want to upload 100 or 1000 accounts or for example 100 accounts per day?

Then we get help from anti-detect browsers and account management systems. That’s exactly the combination we are going to discuss today. We will connect AdsPower and Scenum.

As you understood, AdsPower is an anti-detect browser with the great ability to download a big amount of accounts, and Scenum is the account management service for Facebook and other accounts. 

First we will install and enable the generated Scenum extension in the AdsPower application center

Next, let’s move on to automatic account loading methods. (Let’s get the farm now!)

First Auto method.

In order to upload accounts quickly and nicely we have to integrate AdsPower and Scenum by api. For this purpose we will create 10 profiles in AdsPower with the Scenum extension enabled

Integrate the profiles with the Scenum via Api

Once we’ve done the integration you can use the LoginFbAcc action to load the accounts.

We run this script in one line and it loads the accounts in turn to each AdsPower profile. You can specify parameters so that Scenum loads accounts by login/password or using Cookies and can even unlock the 2fa key if you specify a token.

The second auto method.

But there is an option to load the accounts into AdsPower first and then just link them to Scenum. A very interesting way – let’s look at it in detail.

For this method we need to create 10 profiles in AdsPower using Batch Import by Template:

– download the template – specify the Cookies in it 

– Create as many profiles as you need = number of lines in the template

Start creating and you get 10 profiles in a couple of seconds. (Now that’s speed!) 

Next we integrate AdsPower with Scenum via Api and move on to adding the loaded accounts in AdsPower to the Scenum cabinet.

For this we need to create the same script 

But the LoginFbAcc action must be configured with the parameter without authorization in the browser and specify the binding to the ID of the AdsPower profile

Account record format:

{id profile}F!login|password|||2fa


Run accounts in this format Scenum will open a profile -> get the ID of that profile -> find the corresponding line in the list of accounts in this format and load all information about the account into Scenum cabinet (the account itself will not be re-logged into the profile)

This is a very cool way to upload accounts. For 1000 accounts we calculated and averaged this data:

1 way – 4 minutes per account and 1000 accounts in 2 hours

2 way – 2.5 minutes per account and 1000 accounts for 1 hour 25 min

That’s super speed! 


If you still have questions then welcome to the support of both services – it is very responsive!


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