Hi to all! We have held more than 200 consultations with representatives of arbitration and pharmaceutical topics over the past year. The topics of discussion were very different, but there were three main topics:

1)Required infrastructure for farming. Here we talked about how you can build large and not very large account farms and at the same time choose the best price / quality ratio. We seem to have a lot of articles on this topic (about farm of 500 turnkey accounts or this one Farmers infrastructure for large volumes. Part 1) . There are a lot of aspects, a lot of questions, but it is covered more or less clearly.

2) The second important topic that is often asked about is how to organize effective work with the tool. This includes the split of accounts into groups, and the moments of transferring ready-made accounts to buyers, and setting up a connection with a github and telegram bot, and even API management. Here we tell you as much as possible how to make such a system in order to save time and come to the human cost of maintaining a farm of 1000 accounts for about 1.5 hours a day. Those one farming specialist can manage 3000 full-time accounts. Yes, this is about the digitalization of farming with the help of metrics, indicators and organizational work.

3) And the third important topic that we often overlook is a Warm up scheme, scheme for obtaining the maximum trust by an account and minimizing checks and bans. This is exactly what will be discussed today.

All recommendations below are based on our expertise, proven hypotheses and numerous experiences. But, if you have your own expiriences and they show excellent results, we are only happy.
We had experience in social projects and affiliate markenting. The essence of obtaining a result in the form of a trust account is achieved by approximately the same means.

Conventionally, we divide the life of an account during farming into 3 important stages:

1) Social stage. This is the stage from registering an account to the understanding about the account, what are its preferences, interests, etc.
At this stage, we can and should do the most organic actions that are inherent in the something like reference Facebook user. This stage usually lasts 7-8 days. And if it works properly, it ends up showing relevant ads in the account feed.

Consider more details on how this can be achieved.

Briefly, we recommend the basic set of scenarios 15 day farm and everyone remakes the base already for themselves. Now let’s go through all the stages of refinement.

1. Initial loading of cookies on the profile.(prefarm scenario). It doesn’t matter if we register an account in a profile or start an auto-registration – we always work up cookies by walking on sites with a Facebook pixel. Now we can feed on key queries from Google search. We do this with the use of cookie permissions on the site.

  1. Next comes the stage of registration and filling in an account. Here we register for SMS, unlink the number, link the email, add 2fa and fill it in.Here is a detailed manual how to register, and here is the manual as you can fill all accounts automatically

  1. After registering and filling in an account, we can evaluate our account on the first important account life metric. This is the presence of recommendations for adding to friends. If we get captchas when registering or the account has no recommendations, then we start changing the components of our scheme (sms, proxy, account, antique settings, etc.). If this metric works, we move to the farm.

    4. The first three days we do extremely careful farming, with minimal limits. (Scenario Farm 1-3) The purpose of this is to more or less form the vector of the main farm. If we farm an account for a certain geo, then most often we need to make 1-2 direct invites to friends so that we are offered the people we need by geo. We also minimally subscribe to pages and videos that correspond to our pumping interest. It is important to understand here that the faster Facebook understands your geo and interests, the easier it will be for it to give you relevant ads. And getting ads in the feed is our main goal of this stage.     


Next comes the most interesting. Then we will extract the trust!

This topic pulls on a separate part. We will release it very soon!

  1. Further throughout from 3 to 8 days(Scenario Farm3-8)we add activities in the farm and add external interactions – we authorize on sites through the fb widget(list of sites with widgets you can find in our chat). During this period, we actively form clear interests and geo for the account, and also control the process by columns that can be added to the main screen.

The result of all our work is the presence of ads in the feed and the related flag in the “presence of ads” column.From that moment on, Facebook defined the account as ready to respond to ads and, accordingly, bring profit to it.
It is also worth dwelling on accounts that participate in social promotion or spam. Here the principle is about the same. Facebook will fight this type of promotion as much as possible, but if you bring profit to Facebook as an active user, then he will have a more loyal attitude towards such actions.